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At St Ives Occasional Care (SIOC), we seek to create a caring and safe environment in which to look after your children and to provide a flexible program appropriate to each child’s individual needs, assisting both physical and social development.

Philosophy and Goals

St Ives Occasional Care Centre (SIOC) aims to provide a nurturing, safe, happy and supportive environment for every child. We strive at all times to build strong, positive relationships with our children, their families and the broader community.

We aim to support families by easing the pressure on busy lives, especially where extended family support is lacking. We will provide children, their families and staff with a supportive and inclusive atmosphere in a safe and healthy, environment.

At SIOC, we understand that for many children this is their first experience of non-familial care outside of their home. It is our aim to provide a reassuring environment that meets the needs of all children. In order to achieve this we use family grouping as it provides a more comfortable, home-like setting. This method allows children to develop at their own rate and be more accepting of differences. At SIOC, each child shall be treated with humanity and respect and recognised as a unique individual.

At SIOC we also recognise the importance of early learning, particularly the first five years. As society becomes increasingly urbanised and highly scheduled, the importance of play is forgotten; this is vital in the development of a child as it increases their emotional wellbeing, assists in language development and becomes the foundation of their personal skills. Furthermore, the development of socialisation skills will be promoted by providing the children with a variety of experiences, based on their interests, within a supportive environment. We will foster in the children a strong sense of “belonging, being and becoming,” the core principles of the Early Years Learning Framework.

As a community based service we greatly value the input and support of our families and the broader community. We believe that one of our key roles is to reflect and reinforce the values and hopes of this community for the children. This will be supported by a strong, responsive partnership with the wider community, as we continue to encourage community spirit and awareness of the world in which we live.

Our Goals

At SIOC we are committed to providing families greater flexibility with their care arrangements than other children’s services can offer. We strive to provide quality facilities, equipment and service, creating an enriching environment for children and to provide a flexible program appropriate to each child’s individual needs, assisting both physical, emotional and social development.

Staff will encourage a positive approach to behaviour guidance and conflict resolutions that will foster self control and so enhance the child’s social and emotional development. We believe that each child has the right to be respected as an individual. To encourage and develop each child’s self respect and self esteem, an anti-bias approach is adopted in all aspects of the SIOC program.

We are a true community based non profit making organisation and strive through careful and efficient management to ensure that all monies made shall be used for the development, operation and maintenance of facilities and equipment.

We believe that in an occasional care setting the children need to be provided with a consistent and stable routine for them to trust in their environment and in the staff caring for them.

At SIOC we strive to evaluate all aspects of the Centre’s environment to improve quality and to foster positive experiences for everyone involved at the Centre.


Quick Facts

St Ives Occasional Care Incorporated is a non-profit, occasional care centre catering for children from birth to 5 years old.

• We have been in operation since 1973.

• We welcome all families including those from non-English speaking, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander backgrounds.

• The centre is licensed for 25 children, and is subsidised by the Department of Community Services (DoCS).

Staff and Child Ratios
The competent and experienced staff at SIOC are able to provide professional and nurturing care to every child.

• Up to 5 staff members working directly with the children. Our minimum staff to child ratio is 1:4 for babies and 1:5 for toddlers.

• 1 dedicated staff member who manages the Centre’s office and provides support/supervision to staff and children as required.

• All of our staff hold current first aid certificates.

Parent Management Committee

The centre is managed by a parent committee, which is elected annually.

• We welcome input from all parents and carers, not just committee members, and encourage everyone to attend our monthly management committee meetings.

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A little appreciation

Ku-Ring-Gai Council provides the premises at a minimal rent.

Tips for play

• Play activities should add up to
at least an hour of daily active
play time.

• You do not always need to join in play—provide a safe space
and supervise

• For toddlers under 2 years,
screen time including television & computers is not recommended.

• For children over 2, screen
time should be kept to a minimum
of less than 2 hours a day.

• Children older than 2 should
not be completely dependant
on a stroller, let your child walk
short distances. If taking a long
walk, break it up with play stops.