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Office Hours:
Monday to Friday
8.30am - 4.00pm

261 Mona Vale Road, St Ives NSW 2075


By Bus

The 195 bus line operates from Gordon station, and serves Mona Vale Road. There is a bus stop at the corner of Link Road/ Mona Vale Road. For timetables and route planning, please check the Sydney Bus website, or the 131500 online services. Your bus number is 195 and 195/6.

By Car

Limited parking is available for parents who drop off children at the centre, and who collect their children after a session in the centre. If you approach the centre from the north, there is a driveway to your left, just before the crossing of Mona Vale Road and Link Road. If you approach the centre from the south, please use the right hand side turning lane at the crossing Mona Vale Road and Link Road. Turn right into Link Road. The centre driveway is the immediate first to your left.

Car Park Safety

Please ensure that you drive SLOWLY through the carpark particularly at drop off and pick up times. Remember little people can be unpredicatable!

We ask all parents to hold the hands of their children as they walk across the car park.

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Tips for play

• Play activities should add up to
at least an hour of daily active
play time.

• You do not always need to join in play—provide a safe space
and supervise

• For toddlers under 2 years,
screen time including television & computers is not recommended.

• For children over 2, screen
time should be kept to a minimum
of less than 2 hours a day.

• Children older than 2 should
not be completely dependant
on a stroller, let your child walk
short distances. If taking a long
walk, break it up with play stops.