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Child development

Emergency evacuation

Family Assistance

Health & safety

What if my child appears unwell?

Lost property

Medication &
medical attention

Nutrition & allergies

Settling in

Suggestions & complaints

Sunsmart policy

Toilet training




SIOC requires that all children attending the service must be signed in and out of the Centre daily by a parent/guardian.

If a child is to be collected regularly by a person other than the parent or guardian the name of the person is to be noted on the enrolment form under emergency contact details or a letter must be provided giving authorisation for the child to be collected by someone other than those already noted on the enrolment form.

Suitable identification is required providing photographic ID.

Child development

The nominated supervisor shall be happy to discuss any concerns/queries you might have regarding your child's progress in key development areas at any time.

Emergency evacuation procedure

At SIOC the children and staff regularly practice fire and other emergency evacuation drills. A copy of our emergency evacuation procedure is available for viewing at the front desk.

Family assistance

The Family Assistance Office (FAO) provides assistance to eligible families using SIOC.

To check if you are eligible please contact the FAO on 136 150. If you are eligible to receive assistance please keep the receipts of payment issued by SIOC.

If you are unsure as to whether you are eligible, or there is a possibility that you may wish to take advantage of the assistance at a later date, please retain all receipts of payment issued by the Centre.

Health & safety

SIOC is committed to ensuring a high standard of health and safety measures are maintained at the Centre at all times.
We take a proactive approach towards reducing the likelihood of accidents and infections that can impact on children, staff and their families.

All staff at SIOC hold current First Aid qualifications and will be regularly offered the opportunity to update their Health and Safety knowledge and practices.

What if my child appears unwell?

The three most important ways to prevent the spread of infectious diseases are:

1 - Effective handwashing

2 - Exclusion of sick child

3 - Immunisation

Lost property

Please collect all clothes, shoes, drinks and lunch boxes. See staff at reception for assistance.

Medication & medical attention

Prescribed Medication
Please notify the supervisor if any medication, e.g., antibiotics or asthma treatment, including over the counter medications, topical creams etc needs to be given to your child while at the centre.

Medicines must be clearly labelled and handed to the relevant staff member, including full instructions written on the centre's medication form.

Parent/carers will be required to complete an "Authorisation to Administer Medication Form" No medication will be administered without prior permission.

If your child is required to follow a health action plan, we require a copy of this to ensure that the correct procedure/action can be followed in administering medication.

Medical/dental emergency
In the event of a medical or dental emergency, the authorised supervisor will seek immediate treatment, either at the child's own noted general practitioner, or Dr Liz Miller at St Ives General Medical Practice, 341 Mona Vale Road, St Ives, or an ambulance will be called.

At the time of enrolment, parental permission will be requeste to obtain an ambulance or other medical assistance in the event of accident or illness along with parental agreement to meet any and all expenses thereby incurred.

Enrolment forms note whether parental permission has been given for the centre staff to administer panadol elixier as directed by the manufacturer, applicable to the weight and age of the child.

A child who has commenced a course of antibiotics must not attend the centre for at least 24 hours to ensure the medication has time to take effect.

Nutrition & allergies

SIOC is a nut and egg aware Centre. To help us maintain an allergy free environment please do not include any foods in your child’s lunch that contain or have traces of nuts of any kind and egg products.

SIOC staff will use their discretion with other foods depending upon the nature of the children's allergies on any given day and product information available on food items.

Please do not put glass bottles, glass jars, plastic wrap, lollies, chips, nut, egg or similar allergy related foods in your child’s lunch box. Such items will be removed from the lunchbox and sent home.

Any special instructions regarding your child’s diet/allergies should be advised in writing at the time of enrolment.

Settling in

Please visit the centre with your child before your first booking, and feel free to spend as much time as needed to help settle your child in. There is no charge for this time.


St Ives Occasional Care believes it offers the highest quality occasional childcare. We are always seeking the input of parents and carers and welcome any suggestion as to how we can improve our service.

If you have any suggestion/recommendation, please speak to the centre's supervisor or any committee member, or use our suggestion box, located at the front entrance.

If you have a complaint, or are unhappy with our response, you may wish to contact:

Department of Community Services

Northern Sydney Network

Level 1, Citadel Tower A

799 Pacific Highway


Tel.: (02) 9406 9777

Sun smart policy

SIOC is a Sun Smart Centre. Please apply sunscreen before bringing your child to the Centre and supply a labelled hat.

Parental agreement for staff to apply sunscreen when necessary is recorded on enrolment.

It is requested that your child wear appropriate ‘Sunsmart' clothing’ ie covered shoulders & chests; a legionnaire or similar broad brimmed hat.

Toilet training

We are happy to support your toilet training efforts. Please advise staff and provide supplies of clean clothes.

It would be appreciated if your child could be dressed in clothes that can be easily removed eg track suit pants or skirts.


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